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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Cut My Energy Cost?

cutting fuel costsHome and business energy costs have been higher because of a significant rise in the cost of energy today. With summer just around the corner, there still are plenty of things you can do to stay comfortable, lower your energy consumption and save money this time of year.

  • You can lose up to 40 percent of your energy costs through poorly insulated walls and attics – add energy-efficient insulation to prevent heat from escaping.

  • Minimize air leaks into and out of the home by caulking and weather-stripping around doors and windows. Caulk and weather-strip windows, doors and pipe clearances to keep warm air in and cold air out.

  • Check your heating and air conditioning system’s ducts in the attic for air leaks and seal them with mastic tape if needed. You can check for leaks by feeling around the duct connections while the unit is running.

  • Replace air filters regularly to prevent your unit from having to work harder to move air through the duct system. Use high-quality paper air filters and change them on the same day at least every other month. Here’s a tip: if you can see through a filter to the other side, don’t buy

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