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916 Market Street
Gloucester, NJ 08030


All Fuel services are payable online. Budget plans are available, and auto delivery is available based on the temperature and weather.

Automatic Delivery:
With Automatic Delivery, you won't have to monitor your oil tank. Anyzek will keep track according to Degree Days and plan your deliveries accordingly. 
Budget Plan:
Our 10 month budget plan allows you to manage your finances throughout the year. Contact the office today for enrollment information. 
Auto-Pay Plan:
Sign up today for Auto-Pay and receive a .12 cent per gallon discount on all deliveries. Call our office at 856-456-5953 with your credit card information and we will set up your account for the discount immediately. Your delivery will process next day on your credit card with your discount. 

Emergency Service / Pager Service / Answering Service 24/7

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