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916 Market Street
Gloucester, NJ 08030

Service Plans

Anyzek offers three seperate plans for your needs and convenience: 

The Economy Plan

The Economy Plan includes our Total Oil Heat Tune-Up. Parts included with the tune-up are burner nozzle, pump strainer, oil filter cartridge, one set of disposable air filters. "UltraGuard" fuel additive is included with each fuel delivery and cold weather fuel additive is included for all above ground, outside storage tanks. Additional repairs will be brought to your attention and the cost for these repairs will be quoted to you before any services are rendered. You will receive a 15% discount on repair fees during the term of this agreement.

The Value Plan

The Value Plan includes all the valuable services listed in the Economy Plan and also gives you extra protection from unexpected repair expenses. We will repair or replace, at no extra charge or deduct the specified allowances from the repair fees on any of the following parts which may become defective due to normal use:

The Total Comfort Plan

The Total Comfort Plan gives you the best protection. This plan includes all of the valuable services listed in both the Economy and Value Plans, plus the addition of the following parts listed below: