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Using an air purifier in your home is one of the most effective ways to actively remove the harmful pollutants and allergens that can enter your breathing air, and recirculate in your heating and cooling system. There are many types of air purifiers out there, but in our 90+ years serving the heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs of the homes throughout Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester counties, we have learned that whole home air purification systems like the Fresh Aire UV APCO-X offer the best reduction in indoor pollution, without any added noise or energy usage. Here is how it works:

How a Fresh Aire UV APO-X Air Purifier Works

1. Odor-causing and potentially toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can accumulate in interior spaces. If unchecked, these airborne chemicals can build up to dangerous levels.

2. As VOC molecules pass through the APCO, they are captured and held by the carbon matrix. Light from the UV lamp shines on the carbon/titanium dioxide surface, creating a photocatalytic reaction that breaks down VOCs into simpler components.

3. After being transformed by the photocatalytic process, all that remains of the once-harmful VOCs is simple water vapor and carbon dioxide, which pass back into the air leaving the carbon matrix clean and regenerated. Because of this the APCO system is virtually maintenance free.

Killing Viruses and Bacteria with UV Light

It may seem curious that simple UV light can actually kill these harmful contaminants. These germicidal lights create a UV-C light that disrupts the DNA of viruses and bacteria, which prevents them from reproducing, effectively killing them. This kind of light is actually harmful to humans, and though it occurs in nature, it is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere far before it reaches the surface.

So, is this type of air purifier safe for humans and pets? Because the UV lamp is encased inside your existing central HVAC system, you and your loved ones are protected from any of the harmful effects of UV light exposure. Only the harmful contaminants in your air are affected by the UV lamps. However, in the highly unlikely event that the lamp of your air purifier is exposed to the open air, never look directly at, touch, or expose skin close to the UV-C light.

Additional Benefits of UV Air Purification

We have been asked before, “If neither my furnace nor my AC is running, does this still purify the air?” The answer: yes. The UV lamp is intended to stay on 24 hours a day, to help prevent mold growth within your heating and cooling system. This ensures that all mold growth stops dead in its tracks no matter the season, but it also keeps the condenser coils of your heating and cooling system cleaner, leading to more efficient operation, potential energy savings, and longer life span for your equipment.

*Air Purifiers and COVID-19:

Though air purifiers like the Fresh Aire UV AOI-X can help protect you and your family from many viruses and bacteria, it is not a complete safeguard against the spread of COVID-19. According to the EPA, “When used along with other best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, operating an air cleaner can be part of a plan to protect yourself and your family”.

Ask Anyzek About Air Purifiers for Allergies, Asthma & More

If you have been wondering how you can clean your home’s air, or have been looking for an indoor air quality test to see what you have been breathing at home, Anyzek is your trusted partner for increasing your indoor air quality. We can include an air purifier with your new heating and cooling system installation, or install one in your existing system! Ask Anyzek about air purification today.


Will a UV light system kill mold in the walls?

No. UV-C germicidal irradiation can only kill microbes on surfaces that the light shines on directly (surface kill) or that pass by in the air stream (airborne kill). 


Is it okay to look at the UV light?

Never look at the UV light when it is lit. UV-C light can give your eyes a painful “sunburn”. Unplug or disconnect the unit to work on it.


How can we purify the air when the AC or heater isn't on?

If neither my furnace nor AC is running does this still purify the air?

Running the air system in “fan” mode will cycle air through the home without turning on the AC or heater. Many programmable thermostats have a setting for this as well. 


Is UV light radioactive? Will radiation spread into my home?

No. All light is a type of radiation, but not the dangerous kind. UV light kills germs by giving them an intense “sunburn” and it only affects things it shines on directly. Nothing spreads into the home except clean air.


Can you touch the lamps?

Never look directly at, touch, or expose skin close to the UV-C light. Unlike most other manufacturers’ lamps, Fresh-Aire UV lamps can be handled when not lit. This is because they are made using high-quality hard quartz, not the soft quartz found in inexpensive imports (handling soft quartz lamps may cause them to fail).


What type of warranty comes with these products?

All of our products come with a lifetime warranty on all parts (except lamps) with the exception of Mini U,V which comes with a 1 year warranty. Lamps come with a 1 or 2 year warranty.


Our air system isn't running, so why is the UV light still on? 

Is the light on 24 hours a day or only when the blower is on?

Does the UV light stay on when I run my heater?

These products are intended to be on 24 hours a day. Mold growth doesn't stop when the blower is off, and cycling the UV light on and off would shorten life of the UV lamp. 


Can a TUVL-100 bulb be replaced with a TUVL-200 bulb?

Can I upgrade my Blue-Tube UV with a different lamp?

Yes! All Blue-Tube and Fresh-Aire UV AHU lamps are interchangeable. When it’s time to replace your UV lamp you have 4 options to select from: 1 Year, 2 Year, 1 Year Odor Control, and 2 Year Odor Control.


My 1 Year UV light still glows after 2 years - do I need to replace it?

Yes, over time the UV effectiveness of the lamps decreases even though the lamp may still be putting out visible light. 1 Year and 2 Year lamp designations refer to effective UV output, not when the lamp will burn out. 


Is there any difference between the low voltage and high (120/220v) voltage systems as far as efficiency of UV protection? 

No. The high and low voltage power supplies are used to power the same lamps. The UV light intensity of our lamps is ideal to kill germs but not damage the air system interior parts.


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