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April 16, 2019

You wouldn’t run a marathon without at least stretching first, would you? As the summer temperatures approach, now is the time to give your air conditioner a “stretch” and make sure it is operating at peak efficiency before the summer heat slams us here in Camden, Gloucester and Burlington Counties. Anyzek Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has been helping New Jersey homeowners keep cool for less for 87 summers, so we know a thing or two about getting ahead of the heat and humidity while spending less on your associated cooling bills!

Beat The Rush

Necessity is the mother of invention… as well as the mother of panicked phone calls to an air conditioning technician. Nothing causes a flurry of research and phone calls quite like the need to remedy an unexpected air conditioner breakdown situation. At Anyzek, we see a large influx of worried homeowners calling us about a failing air conditioner after they have flipped their thermostats to “cool” for the first time. During the winter, your air conditioner sits unused, where any worn parts or inefficiencies can worsen. Then, when the temperatures outside start to rise, you ask your air conditioner to start the summer cooling marathon.

Scheduling your AC maintenance early, before you need your air conditioner, will give you preferential scheduling and ensure your air conditioner is operating at its very best for the entirety of the New Jersey summer!

Keep Cool All Summer, for Less

When a certified Anyzek air conditioning technician arrives at your home, they will give a full and thorough inspection of your air conditioner. Then, any moving parts will be lubricated, any parts in need of repair will be replaced and any dirty air filters will be swapped out for fresh filters. Once we are sure your air conditioner is operating at peak efficiency, you can experience many of money-saving, comfort-enhancing benefits, such as:

  • Lower cooling costs all summer long

  • Reliable cold conditioned air when and where you need it

  • Reduced risk of an unexpected AC breakdown

  • An increase in your indoor air quality

When you take into account the peace of mind that comes with knowing your air conditioner will survive the marathon of summer heat, a little air conditioning maintenance is well worth the cost. Plus, an emergency repair will cost much more than regularly scheduled maintenance. So, when you combine that with the summer long savings on your utility bills, AC maintenance is the smart financial move!

Trust the Local Experience of Family Owned Anyzek

No one has been helping homeowners feel more comfortable at home in Camden and Gloucester Counties longer than Anyzek. When it comes to battling the stuffy heat and bitter cold here in New Jersey, Anyzek has the local expertise that spans 87 years to back-up our top notch, licensed and certified technicians. Beat the summer rush, and save the maximum on your cooling costs this year with professional AC maintenance from the experts at Anyzek.

Skip the line of summer procrastinators when you schedule your AC maintenance before the temperatures rise! Trust family owned Anyzek. Call  856-456-5953 or contact us.

Don’t wait for the peak of the summer heat to get your peak air conditioning efficiency!

Schedule professional AC maintenance.


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