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August 22, 2019

The summer may be winding down here in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean your air conditioner is out of the woods quite yet! Even if your air conditioner has been faithfully blowing cool air into your living space since the spring, properly maintaining your cooling equipment is still essential to keeping your energy bills low and your family nice and comfortable. So here are your late summer air conditioner maintenance tips from the home comfort experts at Anyzek!

Change is in the Air

Have you been keeping up with your air filters? Most air filter manufacturers recommend changing out your dirty air filters at least every 30 days. As your air filter is preventing excess contaminants and particles from circulating in the air you breathe, those contaminants and particles will build up on the surface of the air filter. The more clogged the air filter, the harder the air conditioner will have to work to pull fresh air into the evaporator coil, and the worse your indoor air quality becomes. Now this can of course cost you on your energy bills, as your air conditioner is working harder than it needs to, but it also causes the parts in your air conditioner to wear down much faster, and can cost you in unexpected breakdowns and emergency AC repairs!

Listen Carefully to Your Air Conditioner

Next time you take a trip to your thermostat to cool your home on a particularly stuffy day here in Camden County, turn off all of your loud devices and take a nice hard listen. Are you hearing any particularly loud bangs, clanks, bubbling, screeching or squealing? These are all indicators there may be something wrong, and you could be on the brink of an AC breakdown. Some of the most common air conditioner issues include:

  • Refrigerant leaks

  • Broken blower fans

  • Failing compressors

  • Frozen evaporator coils

What’s That Smell?

Speaking of evaporator coils, if you have noticed a smell coming from your air conditioner, you could be suffering from what is known as Dirty Sock Syndrome! Dirty Sock Syndrome is when the evaporator coil or ductwork of an air conditioner collects too much dirt and bacteria. This buildup gives off a mildewy odor, which is then sent through your air conditioning vents and into your home. If you have been suffering from Dirty Sock Syndrome, or have noticed any of the listed alarming noises, you’ll want to bring in a licensed HVAC technician to service your air conditioner right away!

Anyzek: Camden, Gloucester & Burlington County’s AC Experts

In addition to being the go-to oil delivery service for all of Camden, Gloucester and Burlington Counties, our team here at Anyzek includes the best licensed and certified HVAC technicians around. No matter your air conditioning needs, Anyzek will get your AC system running at its very best as soon as possible, so you aren’t stuck in the heat even as summer winds down! Don’t waste another day paying higher-than-necessary cooling bills, suffering through Dirty Sock Syndrome, or waiting on your frozen air conditioner — get in touch with Anyzek and stay cool!

Keep your cool, all the way into the fall. Schedule your expert air conditioning service with Anyzek today! Call us at 856-456-5953 or contact us.

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