November 26, 2015
" Heating oil customers are taking advantage of low heating oil prices by filling their tanks with fuel that is priced 45 cents lower per gallon than one year ago, according to a recent article in the Pottsville Republican, of Pottsville, Pa. “This is a busier fall season because people are trying to jump on the lower prices,” Shannon Masser, office manager at Liberty Oil Co., told the Republican. “The prices are low, so we are seeing more people filling up their tanks completely. This is probably one of the lowest prices we offered since 2012.” A report from the the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) earlier this month said households that primarily use heating oil will spend about $362, or 15 percent, less this winter to heat their homes than last year, the newspaper reports. While EIA has predicted price decreases of 25 cents per gallon, prices to start the season are actually lower than that. Masser told the Republican that customers should have their boilers cleaned and serviced before the winter to burn fuel more efficiently. - See more at:"



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