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"Parts of the Northeastern United States were pushed nearly to power blackouts this winter by a shortage of natural gas supply in the region and other factors, according to a recent report by The Energy Collective. There were three separate problems with natural gas supplies, according to the article. First, the region has become increasingly dependent on natural gas to generate electricity, and natural gas is less available in winter due to heavy demand for home heating. Secondly, there is insufficient natural gas pipeline capacity in the region.

" ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS OF PLUMBING FACTS SHEET Among the objectives upon which the World Plumbing Council was founded is promoting awareness of the plumbing industry’s role in protecting the environment by providing safe fresh water and sanitation through proper management, care, reuse and conservation of natural resources. The industry also plays a major role in the installation of technologies that address concerns about the depletion of fossil fuels and work toward reducing harmful emissions.

"To understand why many of today’s health problems can be caused by the home you live in, you need to look back a few years to see what caused this to happen. You see, during the energy crisis of the early 1970s, highly insulated “tight” homes became popular because of their potential to reduce energy costs. Within a few years, however, complaints started to arise, due to health, and excessive moisture issues caused by indoor pollution, and associated moisture problems within these homes. In the late 1980s and early 90s, indoor air quality became a nationally recognized issue.

"We understand why you're thinking of converting from oil to gas. But before you make the switch, please take a look at these need–to–know facts: Have You Considered All of the 'Hidden" Costs? It could cost between $4,500 and $11,000 to convert from oil to gas.* This figure DOES NOT include additional costs to run a gas line, line your chimney, and remove your oil tank, nor does it include the plumbing, electrical and landscaping work required. U.S. Oil Production Is Dramatically Increasing. Rising U.S. crude oil production is expected to hit its highest level since 1993.

"The price of natural gas delivered to New York City and the mid-Atlantic states has soared to record highs this week, according to an article posted on A snowstorm accompanied by freezing temperatures raised concerns among traders that natural gas supplies would drop again, as they did earlier this month, according to the article. Natural gas for delivery Wednesday soared to $135 per million British thermal units at Transco Zone 6, a pipeline delivery point in New Jersey where New York City gas prices are set.

"On cold winter days, a ray of sun streaming into your house can be most welcome - a free source of heat. But what about in the summer, when those rays of sun and other, less-evident solar heat, seep into our already too-hot houses and become a costly nuisance? Well, what happens is that you lose money. But using landscaping (namely by planting trees) to shade your home can be a great way to lower energy costs.

"One of the biggest energy guzzlers in your home (besides, most likely, your thermal envelope, which lets expensive conditioned air escape through air leaks and poorly insulated walls) is the refrigerator. Upgrading it, believe it or not, can save you a bundle of money in the long run, as long as you don't simply put your old fridge down in the basement and plug it back in.

"On top of the broad savings Americans are reaping from cheaper gasoline, plummeting oil prices stand to bring residents in the Northeast billions more dollars in savings this winter when they fill up their home-heating-oil tanks, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. As the price of crude falls world-wide, the current average price for heating oil in the U.S.has dropped $1.10 from a year ago to under $3 a gallon for the first time in more than four years, the article states.


  • "Dear Anyzek, A big THANK YOU for recently installing a new furnace in my home! I have been a customer for several years and your consistently reliable, prompt, courteous service highly influenced my decision to choose your company for this big purchase.

    A.M., Glendora
  • "Dear Anyzek,  I would like to say thank you for coming out and making a repair to our piping. You guys always do wonderful work and have a good crew of people to satisfy in a timely manner to get the job done. Keep up the great work and effort!"-D.B.-Gloucester City

    D.B., Gloucester City
  • "Dear Mr. Anyzek,  On behalf of my family, I'm writing to thank you and your staff for such a nice job on replacing the furnace at my parents' house at Lake Gilman.

    B.S., Gloucester
  • Dear Mr. Anyzek,
    Yesterday was a disaster at out house. We awoke to hot water pouring out of our oil burner--filling our family room and laundry room with atlease two inches of water! When I greeted Kenny within 10 minutes of my frantic call, I was hysterical.

    S.F., Collingswood
  • "I oversee a large apartment community in Southern New Jersey. I have been using Anyzek Fuel for our oil supply, plumbing and HVAC repair for years. The guys are always prompt, courteous and professional. They come when they say and fix it right.

    L.P., West Deptford
  • “I use Anyzek for everything. They put in our new heater a few years ago, they put in new hot water hookups, they’ve done plumbing work in my kitchen and bathroom, I get my heating oil from them. Basically, Anyzek is the only place I go to. I’m very pleased with them.

    E.L., Gloucester City
  • "Anyzek gets the job done. When I had a sudden leak in my bathroom, I called Anyzek. I'm so used to hearing an answering machine, so it was nice to hear a friendly and reassuring voice on the line. Within just a few short hours, they sent out Wayne the Plumber.

    M.W., Haddon Heights

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