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November 4, 2019

When the leaves turn and the days get shorter, it’s time to schedule a fall tune-up of your heating system. A comprehensive check up is the best way to ensure your home’s heating system is ready for the winter heating season. The heating pros at Anyzek take fall preventative maintenance seriously— it’s their opportunity to test and identify potential problems before they happen.

Rest Easy with a Preventative Maintenance Appointment

There are lots of benefits to a fall checkup on your heating system. The trained professionals at Anyzek Heating & Cooling will perform a top-to-bottom assessment of your system and check for any potential trouble spots. Our goal is to ensure your furnace is prepared to run reliably and safely all winter long.

Reliable Oil Heat 

Many homeowners don’t realize that their oil furnace can provide heat that’s environmentally conscious when it’s operating at maximized efficiency levels. An efficient heating system provides cozy,  satisfying heat when it’s tuned for top level efficiency. Your fall tune up will ensure your oil furnace is operating at peak performance.

Fall Tune Ups to Lower Energy Bills

It’s good to know that a preventative maintenance call before the cool weather arrives can reduce your heating bill. Just cleaning a clogged fuel nozzle or dirty heating surfaces can cut as much as 10% off your bill! Over the winter months, these savings can really add up!

Replace It Before It Breaks

Our professional furnace technicians will inspect each important component of your Camden, Gloucester or Burlington County NJ home for signs of excess wear and potential failure. We believe it’s better to replace worn parts before they break—it keeps cold weather surprises to a minimum!

Signs Your Furnace May Need Replacing

As part of Anyzek’s annual service, we’ll test your furnace operation and note any signs you’ll need to replace it soon. While a well-maintained oil furnace will last longer, it’s inevitable that your heating system will need an upgrade at the 15-20 year mark. If your system starts to show signs of increasingly poor performance, it may be time to replace it with a new, energy efficient heating system. Signs that your furnace may need to be replaced include:

  • Lower than expected indoor temperatures

  • A furnace that is constantly running

  • An increase in heating costs and oil-refills

  • Loud or unusual noises when your furnace turns on

If it’s time to upgrade, the furnace pros at Anyzek can identify the right replacement to meet your home requirements and your budget. Our skilled furnace replacement team will ensure prompt and efficient installation to keep your home warm all winter long.

Our technicians have been serving homeowners in Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington Counties in New Jersey for generations! Schedule your furnace tune up by calling 856-456-5953 or contact us today.

A fall furnace tune up can save money and fuel!

Keep your furnace running reliably all winter!


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