Oil Heating Vs. Gas Heating

Learn why heating oil wins this battle!


If you’re building a new home or replacing the heating system in your current home, there is a decision to make. What fuel will you use to keep your home warm, safe and comfortable?

The most common choice is between heating oil and natural gas. Unfortunately, some old, inaccurate ideas about heating oil being somehow “dirty” while natural gas is “clean” persist. Let’s put those fallacies to rest.

Go green with heating oil

In just the last few decades, heating oil has undergone a transformation. Technological advances have helped heating oil become cleaner, greener and much more energy efficient.

Thanks to advances such as ultra-low sulfur heating oil and the development of biodiesel, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from heating oil have plummeted by more than one-third!

Speaking of emissions, the main component of natural gas is methane, a greenhouse gas. Using natural gas for heating creates more greenhouse gases than today’s cleaner-burning heating oil!

heating oil vs gas

Advantage: heating oil

Because of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, the heating oil you use in your home today burns so much cleaner than the heating oil of a generation ago. That cleaner-burning leaves fewer deposits on your furnace’s or boiler’s parts. That means less wear and tear on your heating system. Over time, you’ll have fewer breakdowns, fewer repairs and a longer life expectancy for your furnace or boiler.

A big disadvantage of natural gas is the natural gas grid. You’re dependent on that grid. If something goes wrong a few miles away, your gas could be shut off and you’re left without heat or hot water.

But your heating oil is safely delivered to and stored right at your home in your heating oil tank. You have peace of mind about keeping your home warm.

You also save money by heating your home with heating oil. Heating oil home heating systems are also easier and much, much less expensive to install than natural gas.

You also save on energy costs. Today’s high-efficiency oil heating systems offer efficiencies of around 95%. Just twenty years ago, efficiencies were only at 70–80%.
Another way heating oil is the better economic choice is that one gallon of heating oil generates 40% more Btu’s of heat than an equivalent amount of natural gas. You don’t use as much energy to heat your home.

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