Air Conditioning Installation in Gloucester City, NJ, and nearby towns

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In our corner of New Jersey, temperatures regularly soar into the upper 80s — and beyond — in the summer.

Keeping your home cool is not only a matter of comfort, but it can also be a matter of safety as well. If you are looking to add air conditioning to your home, Anyzek Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is your one-stop resource for home cooling.

Not only do we install central air conditioning, but we also install ductless mini-splits. We sell quality air conditioning equipment from leading manufacturers such as Rheem.

Is it time to replace my central air conditioning?

Think about how your home’s central A/C did last summer. Were your energy costs higher? Was your system able to keep your home cool during heat waves? Were there breakdowns?

If your repair costs are more than 50% the cost of replacement, it doesn’t make good fiscal sense to keep repairing. The investment in a new central A/C system can help lower your energy costs and, with good maintenance, keep running smoothly for years to come.

Another reason to upgrade your home’s central air conditioning is if you’ve built, or are planning to build, a home addition or added finished space like an attic. Your current air conditioning system is likely being pushed beyond its cooling load limit. That can cause breakdowns and a shorter life expectancy. Replacing your central A/C with a new system made for your new home size will save you money and hassle.

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Ductless mini-splits: Cooling made easy!

There are many older homes here in the Anyzek service area, and many of those use a boiler for home heating. That means those homes do not have the needed ductwork for central air conditioning.

The expense of installing ductwork on top of the central air conditioning installation makes adding central A/C cost-prohibitive. Adding ductwork is also a long, messy process.

People in homes without ductwork have long thought that the only way to keep their homes cool is to use window air conditioning units. But those are inefficient, unattractive, a hassle and a security and safety risk. They also block light and let in pollen, dust, dirt and insects.

Ductless mini-splits keep your home cooler with better energy efficiency with no ductwork needed!

Whether you choose central air conditioning or ductless mini-splits, you’ll also get our outstanding maintenance and repair services and you can sign up for our affordable service plans!

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