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February 25, 2020

The pipes are leaking, the water in the toilet is rising, there’s a mysterious water drip coming from the ceiling of the bottom floor — what do you do? You may know how to recognize a plumbing emergency, but what’s next?

Anyzek isn’t just the oil delivery company that has been providing the heat to Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington counties — we also keep licensed plumbers on staff and on-call, 24/7. Here is what you should know about what to do in a perilous plumbing predicament.

Listen To Your Homeowner Intuition

Plumbing leaks, clogged drains, and broken toilets will almost never get smaller. The longer you wait to call a plumbing specialist, the worse the potential for damage. If you suspect that there is something amiss with your sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, or tub give Anyzek a call. We can help with a diagnosis and help provide some peace of mind.

However, if you are in dire need of stopping the damage right away, there are a few things you can do before a professional arrives. 

Immediate Steps To Preventing Plumbing Damage

When your plumbing emergency is threatening to damage other parts of your home, it is essential to keep your cool. Follow these steps to prevent further damage, and ensure your plumbing system has a chance to be repaired properly:

Shut off the water

If you see your toilet water is beginning to rise, go to the back of the toilet and shut off the water. If the problem is with a leaky pipe or even a burst pipe, it will be best to shut off the main water valve (usually in the basement, or in an exterior utility area of the house).

Check your water heater

Even after the water main has been shut off, there will still be water in your hot water heater tank. Check the drip pan of your hot water heater to make sure this is not the source of any leaks, then start with shutting off the gas line. After that is complete, shut off the water supply (usually on the top of your water heater).

Look for small, pluggable leaks

If you can see the small leak in question, and you happen to have some plumber’s tape around, it is okay to make an attempt to plug the leak. This can mitigate the water damage, and give you some time before a professional arrives.

Open any exterior spigots

At this point, you have shut off the water supply, but there will still be some latent water in your pipes. Opening any spigots or faucets on the exterior of your home will help drain the remaining water, and reduce any existing leaks. 

Don’t Forget to Call Anyzek!

If you have followed these steps, the next move is to call in the pros. Our trusted, certified, and licensed plumbing staff will ensure your emergency is taken care of as soon as possible, and provide you with the plumbing maintenance tips you need to avoid the next plumbing problem. We also do hot water heater replacement! So don’t wait, call Anyzek today.

In a panic due to your plumbing? Call Anyzek! Our plumbers are standing by and ready to help. Call us at 856-456-5953 or get in touch here.

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