Will The Cold Temperatures Affect My Heating Oil Tank?

Written on: December 25, 2023

What you need to know as temperatures drop

heating oil tank Camden county, nj Those of us in New Jersey know that the cold winter temperatures affect a lot of things. We don’t want to spend as much time outside. We have to make sure our driveways and the pathways leading up to our homes are cleared of snow and ice. And we have to factor in time to de-ice and de-snow the windshields on our cars.

Cold weather and cold temperatures also affect heating oil tanks. Here’s a look at how.

How cold temperatures affect heating oil tanks

The following can happen to your heating oil tanks due to cold temperatures:

How to protect your heating oil tank from cold temperatures

Since cold temperatures do affect your heating oil tank, it is a good idea for homeowners with a heating oil tank to know how to protect this tank from the winter weather. Here are some tips that will help your heating oil tank make it through the colder months:

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