What Happens if You Run Out of Heating Oil?

Written on: February 26, 2024

How to stay warm throughout the coldest winter nights

heating oil Camden County, NJ We’ve certainly had our ups and downs weather-wise this season across Camden County and beyond — but if you were to find yourself running out of heating oil on one of the colder nights, what would you do?

At Anyzek, we’re here to help you make sure you never have to find out. Of course, if you have a burner or furnace powered by heating oil, there could be several reasons why it might stop working. Equipment malfunctions do happen depending on how old your heating system is and how well you’ve had it maintained over the years.

But if it fails because your heating oil tank is empty, take heart: running out of heating oil in and of itself doesn’t cause lasting damage to your system. That said, you’ll want to take action right away to avoid the possibility of your pipes freezing and bursting.

How to check your oil tank levels

It should be easy to know how much fuel is in your heating oil tank simply by checking the gauge. This glass or plastic unit that sits on your tank has markings that look similar to your car’s own fuel gauge. The disk inside it should settle near one of the markings: F for full or a fraction of a tank left such as ¾, ½ or ¼. The lower the disk is, the less heating oil is left in your tank. If you can’t see the disk at all, or if it’s settled at or near the bottom, that means you have very little heating oil left to power your system.

What to do if your tank is out of heating oil

If you’ve checked your heating oil tank gauge and determined there’s very little left, the best course of action is to contact us and make arrangements for an emergency heating oil delivery. You can always count on us to provide 24/7 no-heat emergency service with one quick call.

In a true emergency, you could add some diesel fuel to your heating oil tank by following your owner’s manual instructions for priming it first, but we don’t recommend this. It’s always a better idea to call on experienced professionals to help. We make it simple to know when to do this with our handy “When to call in a home heating pro” guide .

Set yourself up for success with Automatic Delivery

Whether you live in Gloucester, Camden or Burlington County, you can count on Anyzek to have your back when it comes to avoiding heating oil runouts. With today’s busy lifestyles, scheduling heating oil deliveries is just one more thing that you might be likely to forget — until it’s too late and you find yourself in a cold home at risk of pipes freezing.

But never fear: you can easily avoid that by scheduling our FREE Automatic Delivery service. We track your heating oil usage and regional weather patterns to determine the best times to schedule deliveries. Our seasoned technicians will come out and get the job done without you having to do anything at all!

As an Anyzek customer, you have 24/7 access to your online account information, current and past statements, payment history and more, for better budgeting. We also offer several payment options and discounts to help you manage your heating oil costs.

Contact the heating oil experts today

Since 1932, we’ve been assisting neighbors throughout South Jersey with high-quality, dependable service. Why not join them? Contact us today to schedule Automatic Delivery for your heating oil tank!