Jobs Anyzek Plumbers Can Do

Written on: June 16, 2021

We’ll take good care of your plumbing!

anyzek plumbersEven the best-built homes can develop plumbing problems over time and usage.

That’s why it’s good to have reliable, experienced plumbers like the ones at Anyzek Plumbing, Heating & Cooling nearby and ready to help. Whatever your plumbing issue is, we’ll come and give you a FREE in-home estimate.

Here are the most common issues customers call Anyzek to have fixed:

Dripping faucet

Dripping faucets aren’t just annoying, They can add up to hundreds of gallons of water being wasted in just one sink. All that wasted water can dramatically increase your water bill. We’ll stop the drips and save you money.

Clogged bath or shower drain

What clogs your bathtub or shower drain? It’s not just hair. Your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, bubble bath and bath bombs all can help as well. If you can’t get rid of the clog yourself, contact us for professional assistance. Also, invest a few bucks in drain guards. They’re inexpensive and can be found in home improvement stores and online.

Running toilet

Your toilet running when it is not in use can add several hundred dollars to your annual water costs. The most common cause of this problem is the flapper valve, which is what controls the flow of water from the tank to the bowl, refill tubes, and flush valves. Anyzek’s plumbers can carefully check your toilet and fix the problem, whether it’s the flapper valve or something else.

Slow sink drain

Bathroom sinks can develop blockages in the drain from hair, shaving, soap and toothpaste. In the kitchen, bits of food and congealed grease create blockages. Don’t keep pouring pipe-damaging chemicals down the drain. If other DIY attempts to solve the problem don’t work, contact us.

Sewage backup

Are you smelling a foul sewer odor around your shower, tub or sink drain? The likely cause is a problem with your sewer or septic system. If you are on a public sewer system, it may be something off your property. Whatever the cause, this is a job for a professional.

Whether you need plumbing installation or have a plumbing problem, the plumbing pros at Anyzek are here for you! Contact us to request service. If it’s a plumbing emergency, DO NOT email us or contact us online. Call us.