What Happens During An HVAC Service Call?

Written on: September 25, 2023

Is an HVAC service plan right for you?

An HVAC service call involves a trained technician visiting your home or business to inspect, maintain, repair, or install HVAC equipment. Read on for an overview of what typically happens during an HVAC service call.

What to expect during HVAC service

Scheduling and Initial Assessment: Once you schedule an appointment with an HVAC service provider, the technician arrives at your location in a service vehicle equipped with the necessary tools and equipment. The technician will greet you and inquire about any specific issues or concerns you have with your HVAC system. Be prepared to describe any problems you’ve noticed, such as unusual noises, reduced heating or cooling, or increased energy bills.

Inspection and Diagnostic Testing: The technician will perform a comprehensive inspection of your HVAC system. This includes checking the thermostat, filters, ductwork, electrical connections, and all major system components. Various tests may be conducted using specialized tools and diagnostic equipment to assess the system’s performance, such as measuring airflow, refrigerant levels (for air conditioning), and combustion efficiency (for furnaces).

Maintenance: If you have a maintenance agreement, routine maintenance tasks like cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting components may be performed.

Recommendations: Based on their findings, the technician will provide you with a clear explanation of the problem and recommend the necessary repairs or maintenance tasks, along with documentation of the issue. They will also explain the potential consequences of not addressing the issues promptly, such as reduced energy efficiency or complete system breakdown.

Cost Estimate: The technician will provide you with an estimate of the costs associated with the recommended services or repairs. This estimate may include labor, parts, and any additional fees.

Authorization, Repairs or Upgrades: Once you agree to the recommended services and the associated costs, the technician will typically start the work immediately or schedule a follow-up appointment, depending on the complexity of the job and the availability of parts.

A well-executed HVAC service call is essential for maintaining the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of your heating and cooling systems. Regular HVAC maintenance can help prevent breakdowns, improve indoor air quality, and reduce energy costs, making it a valuable investment for your home or business.

Service plans can keep you up-to-date with regular maintenance

Taking proper care of your home’s HVAC equipment is essential. It keeps your equipment running properly and at its best possible efficiency, keeping your energy costs as low as possible and protecting you from breakdowns. It may even help keep your equipment’s warranty in effect, as most manufacturers today require regular maintenance by a professional.

Because HVAC equipment care needs aren’t the same for everyone, we have several service plans so you can choose the right one for your home and your budget. You can also add coverage for your home’s air conditioning system and water heater to any of our service plans for oil-fired heating systems.

Protect your investment and your comfort

No matter what’s going on with your HVAC system, we’ll get you squared away in no time. You’ll appreciate our outstanding maintenance and repair services, and you can sign up for our affordable service plans too.

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