When To Call in a Home Heating Pro

Written on: January 29, 2024

A handy guide to help you decide from Anyzek

home heating service Gloucester City, NJ You depend on your home’s boiler or furnace to keep you and your family warm throughout the coldest South Jersey temps of the season. But what happens if your home heating system sputters or fails in the dead of winter? Should you try to troubleshoot things yourself or call in a home heating pro?

The answer depends on several factors. Here are some common problems to consider checking out yourself before calling a home heating professional to diagnose and repair them.

But always remember — when in doubt, call on our Anyzek experts for help! We offer 24/7 no-heat emergency service with one simple call plus professional diagnosis and repairs for a wide variety of boiler and furnace makes and models.

Troubleshooting common boiler problems

To figure out what’s wrong with your boiler, you should check:

After you’ve taken all of the above steps, you can reset your boiler by pushing the reset button. Only do this after ensuring the thermostat is at least five degrees higher than your home’s temperature, and only push it ONCE. Hitting the reset button multiple times can damage your boiler, so if resetting it doesn’t work you should call a home heating pro.

Troubleshooting common furnace problems

Your furnace isn’t producing heat at all — Check your thermostat to make sure it’s working, is on the “heat” setting and is set to at least five degrees above the current temperature in your home. If the furnace is still not working, check your electrical circuit breaker to see if it has been tripped and then switch it back on if it has. If none of these efforts works, you’ll want to call us right away for 24/7 no-heat emergency assistance.

Your furnace isn’t producing enough heat — Is your furnace running but your home isn’t warm enough? That could mean you have a dirty or clogged air filter — a common occurrence if you don’t regularly replace it or if you have pets. Check and replace the air filter to see if that helps.

Your furnace cycles on and off a lot — This could also be due to a dirty air filter. If you’ve checked and replaced your air filter and your furnace is still cycling excessively — or if the furnace blower is running constantly even if your home is at the desired temperature — you’ll want to contact us for service as it may be a problem with the blower.

You’re experiencing uneven heating within your home — Sometimes this is because individual room vents are either closed or obstructed by curtains, furniture or other objects, restricting full air circulation. Opening all vents and moving those obstructions should help provide more even heat throughout your home — but if that doesn’t work, you’ll need a service technician.

Call on an Anyzek home heating pro

Even the best-maintained furnaces and boilers can have problems that need repairing — and that’s when it’s smart to reach out to us for professional home heating assistance.

We provide expert diagnostic and repair services for all makes and models of boilers and furnaces. From Gloucester City to Mt. Laurel and all along the I-295 corridor, homeowners throughout South Jersey turn to us for quick, dependable service and repairs of their home heating systems.

If your furnace or boiler isn’t working right or you have a no-heat emergency, you can count on us to show up on time and get the job done.

Prevent problems with regular maintenance

Why wait until something goes wrong to have a home heating pro optimize your boiler or furnace? Get set up with an Anyzek service plan to keep your home heating system running at top efficiency. Regular service and maintenance lowers your energy costs, helps prevent breakdowns and repair costs, extends the life of your equipment and keeps it within warranty.

To get started, contact us today!